Infra<()?spective: The Dusk

Saturday -
Infra<()?spective: The Dusk
nfra, /??nfr?/, origin: Latin, Adverb
Below; underground; further on.
Infra-bass, /??nfr?-be?s/, origin: Latin/English, Noun
Low frequency sound in the range 20-60Hz.
Infra<()?spective is a lens through which cutting-edge underground bass music will be seen and heard. Our events also represent the convergence or coming together of many different forms of bass music and its' various communities, both in Aotearoa and beyond.
As the sun sets on our time in New Zealand, we cast a shadow over Auckland City... An extremely rare gathering of the who's who of the Aotearoa underground scenes spread across two of the city's most prestigious venues for our last show in NZ indefinitely.
Studio/Room 1
Billain (BA)
Optimus Gryme
Unsub & n0isemakeR
Mish & Greeen
VJs: X-FX & Vision Chips
Lighting: Hyper Gnome
Sound: The Mantis
Studio/Room 2
Need For Mirrors
Dylan C & Ed Zuccollo
Shared Soul
Wavrunnr (Live)
Ritalin Music Fantasy
/Ink Bar
Logan Baker
Gabriella Gonzalez
Nick Collings
Child That Mind b2b Sunshine
Saturday 2nd December
Studio: The Venue & Ink Bar 268 & 340 K Rd., Auckland
Tickets start at just $25, stay tuned for the link.
BILLAIN (Vision, Blackout, Bad Taste, Eatbrain, OWSLA)
Widely accepted as one of the most standout drum & bass producers to come to prominence in recent times, and as inventor of a new genre - CYBERNEURO, BILLAIN is a master of auditory innovation and has rightfully earned himself his reputation as a well-respected influence on the genre. BILLAIN has received support from some of the biggest names in drum & bass claiming releases on VISION,CRITICAL MUSIC, BLACKOUT, EATBRAIN, and BAD TASTE to name only a handful.
The signature BILLAIN sound is rooted in early influences like The Prodigy and Aphex Twin. After learning the details of production by making hip hop and techno, drum & bass became the preferred medium for his musical ability. In 2011, BILLAIN released the two-track Kontra EP via CITRUS, and only one year later appeared on BAD TASTE with Batbots / Manifold. Following this release, his Blockfield EP dropped in 2013, further solidifying the energetic and technical aspects of his sound with “Boogie” and “Blockfield”. Shortly after was the release of the pivotal Colossus EP, which proved to a now extensive fanbase that BILLAIN was easily capable of elevating the already high expectations coupled with the neurofunk drum & bass genre. Bearing extraordinary and atypical tracks such as “Terminal” and “Autonomous” (along with support from renowned electronic platform UKF MUSIC), this release served as a clear-cut route to even more noteworthy projects. In the same year, BILLAIN was seen on OWSLA with an astounding remix of Koan Sound’s “Tetsuo’s Redemption”, and later released a trailer for his Colonize EP working alongside Sarajevo-based Marvel artist Enis ?iši?. Proving his proficiency in multiple forms of art, the trailer also served as the first taste of a multi-chapter sci-fi narrative published alongside the EATBRAIN-backed EP.
Aside from a myriad of musical endeavors, BILLAIN has done extensive sound design work for major projects including the films Hunter Killer and Pacific Rim Uprising. He also employs his diverse skill set for HYPERBINARY, a sophisticated audiovisual project that includes the TERMINAL virtual reality music channel — the very first of its kind. A second alias of his dubbed AETHEK builds further on his proven production expertise with a striking style focused on intricate, complex sound design over musical arrangement. Flaunting an EP release titled 1991 VG on visionary imprint RENRAKU GLOBAL MEDIA and additionally handling all composition and sound design work for Ebb Software’s most anticipated game "Scorn", AETHEK’s highly experimental yet cohesive approach to music has proven that he is in no way restrained by the boundaries of the norm.
Endless self improvement and a tireless work ethic validates that BILLAIN is taking several key steps toward the future of experimental art. He has been rewarded as the best regional artist by Croatian electronic music awards, His Debut Album "Nomad's Revenge" is nominated for the "Best album of the year" in British DnB Awards, featuring a short film released with the album with actors, animators that had worked on "Blade Runner", and guests MC's of highest caliber such as Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars. His second album’s single “Infinite Blue” premiered on Adult Swim, widening the influence of the previous narratives, and shortly after that he has released a short scifi film “Fugitive”, a “Cyberneuro” film which connects his creator colleagues around the world. Aside from support of Funds of Cinematography Sarajevo and IT company Symphony from Bosnia his film has gained international support from FL Studio, Kilohearts. The film brought him and his team 26 awards and numerous official selections and honorary mentions at the prestigious film festivals worldwide. Billain's work has been supported by Noisia, Amon Tobin, Chris Cunningham, Teebee, Glitchmob and MrBill to name a few. Billain's next plans involve releasing the cluster of 7 albums intertwined with story narratives that have been unlocked by the debut album.
NEED FOR MIRRORS (31 Recordings, Souped Up, Commercial Suicide, Soul In Motion Records, V Recordings)
With an armoury of releases stretching from Metalheadz to 31 Recordings to V records to Commercial Suicide and, the founder of legendary London D&B night Soul In Motion / Soul In Motion Records, Need For Mirrors requires little introduction.
After moving to the UK from his New Zealand home in 2003, Joe Moses created his Need For Mirrors project in 2010 and a year later formed his own label, Zoltar, a platform that allowed him to promote his passion for vinyl and high-quality artwork.
Need For Mirrors’ relentless output of excellent, original material together with a slew of remixes & collaborations has secured his reputation as a major contributor to the cutting edge of Drum & Bass.