Baby Gravy (Yung Gravy & bbno$) #2

Sunday -
Baby Gravy (Yung Gravy & bbno$) #2

As legend has it, Yung Gravy and bbno$ first stirred up the simmering sauce at the heart of their union on the 2017 ‘Baby Gravy EP’. It’s an ever-evolving love affair between these two best friends and musical soulmates who locked into a once-in-a-generation chemistry blown up
widescreen on the likes of ‘Rotisserie’ which cranked out 80 million Spotify streams. In 2019, they reteamed on the gold-certified ‘Whip A Tesla’ from Gravy’s ‘Sensational’ album only to reheat their partnership to a boiling point on 2021’s ‘Baby Gravy 2’. The latter tallied over half-a-billion streams powered by the gold-certified ‘Welcome To Chilis’ and ‘shining on my ex’. With countless memories, sold out tours, and one appearance on Family Feud under their collective fly designer belt, the Baby Gravy tour is something you definitely should not miss.

Separately, the two have made waves in recent years with global smash hits, including bbno$’s ‘Edamame’ and Yung Gravy’s ‘Betty’, both of which saw huge success on Tiktok and radio, garnering them RIAA gold and platinum certifications internationally. As always, they do it for the
memes and the moms, so be ready to dive in. Bon appetit!