London Hard House Reunion 2020

Audio Addiction Ltd is proud to present the 8th edition of the iconic LONDON HARD HOUSE REUNION at K Road hotspot, Studio The Venue.
Level One is finally here & there is SO much to celebrate: life, freedom, victory, reunion!
#LHHR2020 has adapted to the current situation and slowly morphed into something beautiful, something prodigious, something unexpected.
The world has changed, our lifestyles have changed, and so has our vision for 2020. But regardless of the limitations that these changes have presented, we still have a magical jamboree in store. We can’t wait to share all the details with you! Get ready for an LHHR with ???? heart & ???? meaning than ever before…
For now… enjoy a bit of a normality, go for that drink, hug it out, appreciate the little things & pat yourselves on the back. We did it. We actually DID IT! ?
The countdown is on until we all reunite under one roof to reminisce & relive. Round up the troops, put a fat love heart around the date & starjump your way to stompin’ fitness! This is your personal invitation to be part of something magical.
We have a phenomenal evening in store for you – can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!
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Contact Janelle directly for discounts on Group Bookings of 10 or more!
More info: Audio Addiction Ltd
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“the action of being brought together again as a unified whole”
? Bloom by Donna-Marie
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