Chupatrance Presents: Synesthesia

Synesthesia : See the world Differently.
Can you see the colour of this song? Can you taste the rainbow?
Imagine a world in which the senses merge together; where sounds are seen and words and aromas have color; where the number 1 can be smelt, and Black has flavor.
An everyday fantasia: That’s the world of Synesthesia: A condition in which stimulation of one sense, produces experiences in a totally different sense. Like an additional form of consciousness.
Who wouldn’t want to experience the world in full, glorious color or sound?
Chupatrance crew brings to you this unique type of phenomenal experience of joint sensation. Simply a different perceptive experience..
We are offering for your pleasure:
– a BLAST of ENERGY: 8 hours of MUSIC in 3 multiple zones with explosion of ARTS for your best SENSATIONS
– 3 Stages:
SENSATION: House and Tech House
– Acrobatic and Dance Performance;
– Visual Arts and decorations, VJ’s, projections and LED Screen Panels
We are always supporting locals artists, this event will have 3 specials LIVESets plus 13 DJSets. More information about the lineup coming up soon.
We have small number of early bird tickets available, check it out……/chupatrance-presents…
Due to COVID this event can be cancelled.
If it happens, Ticket Holders can apply for refound (90% of the cost) or keep the tickets for a postponement date