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Saturday May 6th

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We Mouve and George FM presents……
Doctor P

Studio The Venue, 340 K Road

Saturday May 6th

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Doctor P is the stage name of Shaun Brockhurst: dubstep producer and DJ extraordinaire. Born 9 April 1986, the English artist has been releasing music since 2009

Before reclaiming himself as the elusive Doctor P, Brockhurst went under the names Sounds Destructives with a fellow musician, Slum Dogz with two other DJs and DJ Picto, by himself. His friends had nicknamed him Picto, which he used as an alias during his drums and bass phase, and Brockhurst claims that this is what the P in Doctor P stands for.

The music produced by Doctor P can be described as an amalgamation of many different genres, from dubstep to glitch hop to moombahcore. In creating these types of sounds, he uses a variety of instruments including a music sequencer, sampler, synthesiser, drum machine, personal computer and the DJ mandatory, turntables.

Doctor P possesses a huge discography, from first release ‘Air Raid’ in September 2009 to some of his biggest hits such as ‘Sweet Shop’, ‘Tetris’, ‘Watch Out’ and ‘Big Boss’, all of which have received over two million views on YouTube alone, suggesting a surprisingly massive fan base for the relatively unknown DJ and music producer. He has also recorded remixes of famous artists such as Plan B, Ed Sheeran, Britney Spears and Example, which have also received millions of hits on YouTube. Distorted Sound

Doctor P’s sound has been compared to a number of modern artists and some acts that he is regularly associated with include Flux Pavilion, Swan-E, Trolley Snatcha, Caspa, FuntCase and Cookie Monsta, amongst many others.

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