Big Country (Scotland)


Saturday March 24th 2018

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Metropolis Touring presents…….
Big Country performing ”The Crossing’’

Studio The Venue, 340 K Road

Saturday March 24th 2018

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80s Celtic rockers BIG COUNTRY make a triumphant return to Perform ‘The Crossing’ Plus a Special Encore of Greatest Hits!

“a concert full of passion, warmth and love for the music“ – Scenestr

Get ready for all your BIG COUNTRY favourites – In A Big Country, Fields of Fire, Chance, Wonderland, Look Away plus more! When BIG COUNTRY step out in front of a packed audience, the excitement around the room needs to be experienced to be believed.

“The audience were singing their hearts out, jumping around and living every moment to its fullest” – The Music

BIG COUNTRY give it their all and provide a feel-good live show that will be talked about for years to come!

“There was an absolute infectious perfection to their delivery throughout the night, and the crowd responded by singing along with every word” – Amnplify

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